Are You a Water Connoisseur?

Most people could care less what their water tastes like. If you’re like me then you drink nearly a gallon of water a day. It may be coffee, wine, tea, beer, etc. but you’re drinking water!

Everyone seems to have their own bodily filter that decides how they like there water to taste.

When I ask people if they like the way there water tastes, they look at me like I’m crazy. Most people me if I lost my mind and I tell them that they lost their mind because drinking water is the most important thing you can do in your life. Not just drinking any old water either. But the healthiest water you can get your hands on.

I may be a bit odd but my internal filter is set to maximum and I am passionate about getting the best water I can get. To be honest I don’t drink many other beverages, so to me making a water blog is like someone making a beer or wine blog. Each type of beer and wine has their own unique qualities, and so does water.

People have become more aware in recent times of the vital role that water plays in their lives. Nothing is more important than water.

We are made of mostly water. The world is covered mostly in water. And without it we will die. People spend so much time thinking about the food they eat or the air they breathe but pay little to no attention to the water they drink!

The good old days where we used to be able to turn on the kitchen faucet and get crisp clean water is GONE!

Now the majority of municipal water suppliers add all sorts of funky chemicals, which I am not too fond of drinking. They add chlorine in mass quantities to keep the water “clean”. Give me a break. Have you ever been in a pool with too much chlorine and tried drinking it?

It tastes like poison to me….

Reports from organizations like the Ralph Nader Research Institute have said publicly that the majority of U.S. households have over 2,000 toxic chemicals and pollutants in the average household. That was stated several years ago and from what I have seen things have not gotten better.

Unfortunately, the majority of people have bought in to the idea of buying bottled water, which accounts for over 200 tons of wasted plastic each year. Putting a beautiful waterfall on the cover of the bottle doesn’t mean that it’s not going to pollute the planet. Studies conducted by the FDA show that most bottled water contain just as much toxic chemicals as non-bottled tap water.

Fortunately, many Americans are getting a clue and deciding to take action by using water filters. Whether it’s a pitcher water filter or faucet water filter, you can save the world from millions of tons of wasted empty water bottles.

Home faucet water filters are cheap, easy to maintain and will save you money in the long run if you buy water bottles. Heck, you can even filter your water and then put it in your fancy bottle and re-use the bottle.

Come on people, stop polluting the planet and get serious about drinking good water!

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