Best Bath Water Filter in 2018: Ultimate Guide

best bath water filterBathing in clean water is a must. We are all too aware these days of impurities which can find their way into our regular water system, and this can not only create a sense of unrest when you’re attempting to relax, but also a potential for bacteria and illness.

For that reason, buying the best bathtub water filter is a great way to ensure that you are bathing in clean water, and to ensure the health and maintenance of your water pipes. It is thought that over half of the chlorine absorbed into the body is via bathing or showering. Chlorine can damage the hair, making it weak and brittle, and it can also damage the skin, leaving you open to all manner of different conditions. For this reason, filtering out chlorine, as well as the other items within the water system, is a must do.

A bath filter can be attached to a shower, so you can filter out your shower water and fill up your bath that way, or you can go for a dedicated bath filter, the choice is yours.

Best Bath Water Filter in 2018

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter Review

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter ReviewThe AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter is predominantly a shower water filter, but as we mentioned previously, you can use this as a dual-function product, by filling up your bath using the filtered shower water. This obviously has the extra advantage of allowing you to have filtered shower water, should you want a shower, rather than a bath!


This is a big named product, which should give you a large amount of peace of mind from the start. It is designed to remove chlorine, lead, nickel, chromium, and mercury from your water, as well as bacteria and pesticides. In addition, the growth of mould, fungi and any type of sacle or algae is also discouraged from making an appearance in your water or within the water system itself.

The product has a multi-stage filtration system, which uses KDF 55, calcium sulfite and carbon to ensure the filtration is high quality. In addition, this product works with all different shower types, and you won’t need any specific tools to install it. It can also be done very easily at home. The replaceable filters are also widely available.

Customer Sentiment

A common statement amongst those who have previously purchased this bath filter product is that it is so easy to install, making life easier from the get-go. The standard of filtration is also very high, and most users stated that they wouldn’t go back to a different product, or no filtration at all, after using the AquaBliss choice. The only downside mentioned was that the filter did need replacing a little quicker than some other similar product, but they are very easy to find and quite cheap to replace.



CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Bathtub Water Filter Review

CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter Bath Tub Filter reviewThe CuZn Bath Ball product is an ideal choice for those on a budget, and for those who are attempting to try a bath filter for the first time. Our last product was a shower and bath filter in one, but this particular product is strictly for the bath tub only.


This is the ideal product for anyone who wants a budget option for their bath filtration needs. This is a relatively new design, which is super-easy to install, and doesn’t require any tools or special knowledge at all. With a one year life expectancy, this adds to the cost effectiveness, and you simply purchase another one when you’re ready.

Chlorine is reduced, as well as water soluble heavy metals, such as lead. This will also help to clean out your water system as it is being used, which in itself cuts down on any nasties which make their way into your water system. Ideal for those with sensitive skin, the results are high class.

Customer Sentiment

Many customers stated that this was a great choice for the price, however some also state that you get what you pay for in terms of filtration quality. Despite the fact the filter reduces chlorine, it doesn’t get rid of it completely. Many customers liked the easy installation, and found that the effect was instant in terms of softer skin and hair, with cleaner water.



Final Thoughts

These two products show you the types of features to look for when purchasing the best bath water filter, and show you two different products in terms of price and usage. Our first product is a dual use product, which can be used for shower filtration as well as in the bath, and our second product is strictly for the bathtub, but comes at a much lower price tag as a result.

The choice is yours in terms of which one you actually go for, but in terms of quality and effectiveness, the AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter is a great option to go for. For those who don’t have a shower, or who don’t want to spend time waiting for their tub to fill up with shower water, the CuZn product is a close runner up.

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