How Pure is the PUR 3-Stage Water Filter?

Let’s take a look inside the new MAXION Filter technology used by PUR and see just how effective it is at purifying your water.

In 2017 PUR switched all of their old filters with these new 3-stage MineralClear filters , so if you look up older data on PUR filters it’s not going to be accurate.

From what the box tells us it is NSF Certified to remove 72 contaminants and substances but are all of the “contaminants” bad for you?

For your brain to work at its peak performance with the rest of your body the small waterways in your body must be properly hydrated and contaminant free. Chemicals that get into the tap water can have destructive effects on your body and especially on the bodies of your children.

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Removing Mercury, Pesticides, Lead and Chlorine

Getting rid of all of these are necessary for your body to function at its peak efficiency. The PUR MAXION Filter claims to do just this. This filter uses granular activate coconut husk carbon which is how it will be able to remove chlorine, chloramine, benzene and other organic chemicals.

heavy metal

In order to remove Bacteria, Heavy metals and microorganisms they should have added a layer of KDF-55 filter media but it would seem that they did not. Many more expensive desktop filters or whole house filters use KDF as a first line of defense to stop microorganisms and bacteria.

Destroys Bacteria &  Ionizes Your Water

Once bacteria hits the KDF media it dies. However, once bacteria are filtered through activated charcoal it will not be killed and instead lay dormant where it will breed and you will end up drinking it.

They do implement alkaline beads in the filter which adds magnesium and potassium and calcium minerals to your drinking water. These are all important and you could get these in your food or a supplement but getting them throughout the day in your drinking water is very good for you.

Without the KDF filter media to stop the flow of bacteria, the PUR FM filter is relying on the activated charcoal to stop harmful minor contaminants from getting into your water. This should be a good start for most people. It also has a sediment filter at the first layer which removes unwanted sediment.

Watch Out for Rain Sediment

When rain water gets into the water supply it causes sediment to appear. I’m sure you may have seen water with what looks like sand in it with a yellow or brown color.

This is generally sediment and is not very good to drink. If you fill up a glass of water and let it sit for a while you will see the sediment sink to the bottom.

tap water sediment

The PUR PFM filter does a good job at stopping the sediment at the first stage and store it in the filter. If you have a lot of sediment in your water you will have to replace your filter.

The main cause of faucet water filters leaking is that the sediment builds up in the water and blocks the water intake into the filter. The water cannot pass into the filter so it must go the other way, which usually means it sprays out all over your sink.


If your water has a lot of sediment then you should get a filter designed to handle a lot of sediment, so that it doesn’t leak. If you’re worried about chlorine in your water then get a filter like this one which will stop chlorine. Each filter is designed to handle different things different ways. You need to learn what they are before purchasing a filter otherwise you will regret it.

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