InstaPure Faucet Mount Water Filter Review


InstaPure F2BCT3P-1ES Faucet Mount Water Filter System

InstaPure has been making water filters since 1975 and you can find their filters in most countries.

They make several pretty good faucet water filters but by far their best is the one you’re looking at.

All designs are similar and use the same filtration methods but come in different colors, plastics, chrome and a mix of plastic and chrome.

In this review we will test the water and see if the filter does what it says it does.

It is certified by the NSF with a rating of 53, which is pretty good. The price is reasonable and the design looks good.

The InstaPure  models all come with a variety of fittings to make it easy to connect to your sink. You can see the black plastic cartridge which is the replacement filter.

The days of universal faucets are long gone so this is nice. You’re sure to find the right adapter in this bag and it comes with a complete set of instructions to help you install it.

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InstaPure F5R-1ES Replacement Filter

You can see to the right here that the whole unit has been taken a part so that you can see what’s inside. It has a simple slot for you to put the filter in and it connects in a minute or so.

The rubber adapters are useful to prevent leaks. Many of the other name brand faucet filters, such as Brita don’t include this and they will often times leak after a couple of months of use.

It’s important to use the proper rubber connectors for your specific faucet. If you can’t find them in the back then go out to a hardware store and buy one. It will be worth it in the long run.

The InstaPure Faucet Water Filter Features

InstaPure Filters Do not remove high level contaminants such as:

This filter is meant to improve the taste of your water by filtering out chlorine. As a result you get much more filter life.

Other faucet water filters remove the high level contaminants but the filter life is often times shortened to about 100 gallons or less. Whereas the instapure has a filter life of 200 gallons.

InstaPure Faucet Mount Water Filter Summary
The Instapure has a sleek design and comes in a variety of different models and designs. They are all based on the same type of filter, so this is just a general review for the three most popular models.
Contaminant Removal2.9
Taste of Filtered Water8
Filter Replacement Price8
Number of Gallons Filtered10
Water Flow 6.2
Long Filter Life
Good Design
Prone to Leakage
Slow Water Flow
Poor Contaminant Removal
Below Average

What Do The Customers Have To Say?

As with all water faucet filters the reviews are mixed. The majority of reviews are positive placing the InstaPure in the top 5 of water filters.

They are a somewhat smaller brand located in China without much of a reputation, so not many people are aware of them.

Most people prefer to go for the big name brands but what’s important is how the water filter works. If you need a filter to improve the taste of your water and remove some minor contaminants then this filter seems to be one of the best out there for that.

If you want a filter that gets rid of everything then this is probably not the best filter to do that.

Concluding Thoughts

The InstaPure I am giving a 7.8 / 10 because of the nice design, long lasting water filter and majority positive reviews by consumers. The drawbacks of this filter is the water flow, which is slow. Plus the filtration of the water might now be as good as some of the others.

It has a NSF Score of 53 which is average and the filter lasts 200 gallons of water as opposed to the average of 100 gallons.

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