PUR PFM400H Bluetooth Facuet Water Filter Review

The PUR PFM400H Bluetooth faucet water filter is one of the most advanced filters on the market. You may be asking yourself, why would you need a Bluetooth water filter?

The Bluetooth function allows you to connect to the PUR App on your phone and get a ton of cool information.

You can see how many ounces of water have been dispensed, water consumption goals, and of course the health of filter.

For the price you can’t get anything like this one.

This new model stands out as having a new and improved water meter, probably the best you can find. The overall design is different from most other faucet filters in that it’s horizontal.

This can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your faucet set up. It does include a Lithium Ion battery inside the filter that cannot be replaced, so once it dies you will need to replace the filter if you want the Bluetooth functionality.

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PUR PFM400H Facuet Water Filter Features

Several Different Styles

The PUR PFM400H – similar to the PUR 3-Stage Advanced, comes in several different styles including:





Stainless Steel With Bluetooth

Stainless Steel

Each style offers something different. The chrome and Chrome with Bluetooth come the most highly recommended, whereas the basic black and white models have been been prone to cracking and replacement in only a few months.

The white and black models are made out of plastic and therefore don’t last as long as the other models.

Each style uses the same filter but the housing is made out of different material and the plastic seem to be not built as well as the stainless steel.

Also, the stainless steel model is the only one that includes the Bluetooth function.

PUR PFM400H Facuet Filter Summary
The Bluetooth function makes this filter one of the most unique and high tech filters currently on the market. The design is already but if you ask me it's a bit bulky and they could have made it smaller.
Contaminant Removal10
Taste of Filtered Water10
Filter Replacement Price10
Number of Gallons Filtered8
Prone to Leaking7
Water Flow Rate10
Bluetooth Water Meter
Very Easy to install
Clean Tasting Water
Common Sensor Malfunctions
Prone to Leaking
Bulky Design
Above Average
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What Do The Customers Have To Say?

The water tastes great and is clear and you can tell all the common tap water contaminants have been removed. The Bluetooth option is great for people that wan’t to track how much water they are using or drinking per day.

This may be hard to calculate though since you may use water for other purposes. Nevertheless, you have to admit it is a pretty cool feature.

The biggest complaint regarding the PUR PFM400H is the design. It’s too bulky for most people and this is most likely due to all the circuitry inside the device to allow for the digital sensor to detect the amount of water being expended.

The unit does leak for some after a few months but by far the biggest complaint of this unit is the rather large bulky design.

Concluding Thoughts

Everything is great about the PUR PFM400H except for the bulky design. It has a much faster flow rate than most faucets but it is large, so it will get in the way.

Overall I am giving this filter a solid 8.3 due to the fact that everything but the design is great. If it were a bit more sleek this filter would easily get a 10/10 score.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the PUR PFM400H on Amazon.com

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